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    My wife and I used Jenny to find an apartment in Shanghai in 2017. The process started in February when we came out for a job interview and then continued when we returned in July to start work. Over several weeks she took us to many apartments. The process is quite complicated so we have grateful to have her. Besides interfacing with the landlord she also helped us with all manner of getting settled in our new home including, opening a Chinese bank account, cell service, internet, WECHAT wallet, OFO etc. She was very good and thinking about what we needed before we even knew and always was looking to protect our interest. Thanks so much in your help. David Vreeland

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    Jenny is an excellent and helpful rental agent. She took the time to find out our requirements and showed us apartments that matched our preferences. She helped us with all the details of our rental apartment. She is also very helpful in negotiations with our landlord to set an agreeable rental price. Whenever we had a question or a need, she always knew how to help us, such as names of plumbers, electricians, how to pay various utility bills etc. She also is very quick to reply to my questions. She has become a trusted friend. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a reliable and knowledgeable rental agent. Sara Young

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    I am very glad and thankful that I met Jenny Jiang in my first trip here. She showed so much initiative and had so much energy on the owner side and patience on the other. I always had the feeling she was looking for the very best apartment for me when doing the negotiations with the landlords. I could always wechat her with my way questions. Thanks you for your help to find this nice apartment and rewards, help my job starts next week. I can wholeheartedly recommend you to other clients. Christoph Herda

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