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Clibal Visa Services

Travelling To China?

If you are planning to travel to China  for sightseeing and travel, tourist visa  (L Visa) is the right option for you. In general, Chinese government will issue you 1 entry?visa?with 30 days stay. If you wish to stay more than 30 days in?China?we can assist you to extend your  visa for an additional of 30 days. Although extension from inside?China?is very difficult, we can try to help you accordingly.

Depending on your previous visas and number of times you received tourist visa you will obtain multiple entry and longer stay options. This is depends on Consulate's approval process. Visa extension process is getting harder and harder due to many applications and influx of expatriates.
Please contact us accordingly and allow one of our?visa?experts to assist you accordingly.

Travelling to Abroad?

We help many residents here in Shanghai with their abroad visa requirements. If you are a resident of Shanghai and looking to travel other countries for various reason we are the right person for you. We can assist you with visa application process, paperwork preparation, appointment booking and assist you with many requirements in order to receive your  visa application successfully