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Why you choose us?    

Almost 20 years of experience conducting relocation services in Shanghai and now serving more than 30 large Corporate Accounts in various industries gives SPC the abundant experience to efficiently help the?client to implement its Corporate Housing Policy while maintaining expats' satisfaction.

SPC's Experienced Account Management Team and it's track record of satisfied corporate clients means client can count on SPC's expertise to assist client's expatriates and their families with all their unique needs and concerns , abundant Large Account Management experiences and good expat management methods will benefit client HR.

SPC's past experience in assisting client's employees in conducting home search allows us to have a definite understanding of client service requirements, and its housing policy as well as its existing problems, so? that we may offer very effective ways for client to solve its current problems and to adjust its current housing policy to one which will avoid the reoccurrence of previous problems.

SPC's Large Property Database (more than 50,000 individual landlords' information and more than 300 resident compounds in Shanghai ) can assure the various needs of client expats will be satisfied.

SPC's culture orientation is conducted by SPC Expat Property Consultants. They are from France, Germany, Australia, America, Belgium and have been relocated in Shanghai for several years. SPC will provide the client the most useful information such as international schools and daily tips.

At SPC we provide premium real estate lease & sale brokerage, relocation, property management one-stop service.

Our customized housing policy proposal enables you combine cost saving, damage control and systemize the internal procedure.

Our market value evaluation service enables you implement your procurement guidelines and avoiding pay over value on your purchase.