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Chinese Green Card

Chinese Green Card issued to those who will be residing in?China?permanently. Qualification requirements for green card is complex. Currently there are almost 200,000 expats living and working in shanghai but only 2400 of them successfully got Chinese green card. Furthermore, we have had some good news from 1st July 2015,?Shanghai?authorities eased the main requirements for qualifying for green card. We are getting increasing number of expats applying for this service and below are qualifications for your application.

To Qualify:

1Individual must work in?Shanghai?for 4 successive years and must reside in?Shanghai?minimum 6 months each year.

2Individual must have minimum annual income of 600,000RMB/pre-tax for 4 successive years

3Individual must pay minimum income tax of 120,000 for 4 successive years

4An outstanding recommendation letter by current employer

5If have spouse and children (under 18), both can apply for alien permanent residence?permit?at the same time.

If you have above qualification and would like to apply for Chinese Green Card make sure to contact us accordingly. Processing takes around 4 to 6 months and approval will depend on your profile.