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When buying second-hand houses, 98% of people tend to overlook these four major problems.    

Many buyers tend to overlook four most noteworthy problems when buying second-hand houses.
Buying a house is a major event in life, and it can't tolerate any difference. However, when many buyers buy second-hand houses, they tend to overlook the four most noteworthy problems, so that they spend a lot of money to buy lessons.

1. The legality and validity of the sale

Many people think that it is all right to sign a contract and pay a deposit, but they forget the most important point, to ensure the legitimacy and effectiveness of the trading behavior. You have to confirm that the other party is the real owner or owner's power of attorney, if it is a joint property, it has to be signed or agreed to sell the declaration; if it is a rental house, the lessee has to sign a waiver of preemption declaration, etc. In a word, both parties must be fully capable persons, and the expression of intention must be true, without fraud, coercion and other issues, so as to ensure the validity and legality of the sales contract.

2. Complete house property documents

The houses bought and sold must have complete documents, which do not belong to the scope of demolition or illegal construction.

3. Do a good job of capital supervision

In the transfer of housing and property rights, do not easily believe the other party's oral commitment, whether it is to pay first and then transfer, or transfer first and then pay money, for both sides are not guaranteed. It is better to take the money to the bank to supervise the funds. Incidentally, it can also be used as a mortgage loan. After the transfer is completed, the house money can be transferred to the seller's account.

4. Registration of Transfer of Property Rights

From a legal point of view, only when the property right has been registered can the house really belong to you. Before that, the seller can break the contract at any time. Therefore, we should always be concerned about the progress of the transfer procedures and go to the local Housing and Land Administration as soon as possible to complete the transfer procedures.

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